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"For those curious about Wicca, spells &spellcasting, magick and related topics, this section of the Vault for you. Here, you will find classes and courses on Wicca & magick, learn about spells and spellcasting; you can go chat with a witch and learn about witchcraft; have live spells cast for you; find books about Wicca & Magick; download spells; and more. Enjoy."

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Witch Chat  Ask A Witch
(Live Webcam Witch, Witchcraft and Wicca Chat & Spells)

Magick Chat  Magick, Wicca & Spells
(Have A Live Love Or Money Spell Cast For You)

Shaman Psychic  Psychic Corinne
(For A Psychic With Shamanistic understanding, Call Corinne)

Love Spells  Download Love Spells
(Download Love Spells And More)

Magick Spells  Buy A Spell
(Huge Selection Of Spells To Choose From)

Candle Magick  Candle Magic
(Learn Beginners Candle Magick)

Advanced Magick  Advanced Candle Magic
(Improve Spellcasting Skills)

MAGICK COURSE  Practical Magick
(Easy To Follow Instructions For Practical Magick)

Learn Magick  Crones Book Of Charms & Spells
(Magical Practices & Rituals As If Written A Century Ago)

WICCA COURSE  Wicca For Beginners
(Best "Wicca 101" Course Around)

Rune Stones  Live Runestone Readers
(Live Rune Stone Readings - Spooky Accurate)

WITCHCRAFT COURSE  Witchcraft: Rebirth Of The Old Religion
(Text Book For A Course On Witchcraft - Witchcraft DVDWicca)

Witch forum  Witchcraft Forums
(Great resource of witchcraft, spells and Wicca information)

Runes  Understanding Rune Stones
(Practical Book On Understanding The Runes)

Course  Master of Wicca Course
(Become an ordained master of Wicca? Why not.)

Witchcraft  Evolutionary Witchcraft
(A Challenging Witchcraft Training Program)

historical wicca  Gerald Gardener
(Learn more about the father of modern Wicca)

Witch Art
Witch Posters

Witchcraft  The Witchcraft Sourcebook
(One Of The Top Books In The Field By A Noted Scholar)

news  Wicca & Witches in the News
(News and commentaries on Wicca and Witches)

Free Articles on Wicca, Magick and Related Topics

Below are a selection of free articles on Wicca, Magick, spells and related subjects for you to enjoy. We try to rotate in new article links every full moon.

Smudge Negative Energy From Home
Ouija Board Safety
Popularity of Wicca
Pendulum Divination
Magick Money Spells
History of Palm Reading
Fate in a Teacup: Reading Tea Leaves
Learn About Scrying
Understanding Magick and Spells
Mystical Powers of Aquamarine Crystal

Free Psychic Articles  Free Articles on Wicca, Magick and Paganism

Runes  Live Rune Stone Reading
(Runes Specialist And Psychic Denise Will Give You A Personal Reading)

Paranormal Magick  Creepy Hollows
(An encyclopedia of the paranormal and magick)

Love Spells  Live Love Spells
(Have A Love Spell Cast, Live)

wicca guide  Wicca: The Solitary Practitioner
(One of the most important books for understanding Wicca)

Learn Magick  Learn Magick
(The Encyclopedia of Natural Magic)

history  Brief Overview of Wicca
(A very good quick overview of the founding and expansion of Wicca)

Witchery  Natural Witchery
(Where Nature & Witchcraft Come Together)

Divinations  Wicca Divination Kit
(Tarot Cards & Instructions - More Tarot Cards)

spirituality  Wicca Spirituality
(A contemporary approach to an ancient spirituality)

psychic shaman  Shaman Psychic Joy
(Let Psychic Joy give you a peek into the future, love relationship and more with her ancient divination talents)

Wicca Info  Wicca Wonderland
(LOTS of Interesting Information On Wicca)

Witch Mug  Witch Coffee Mugs
(Get A "Sexy Witch" Coffee Mug - More)

Witch accessories  Wicca & Witchcraft Accessories
(Cool, Custom T-shirts, clothing and accessories)

are all wiccans witches  Are All Wiccans Witches?
(Not all Wiccans are witches, not all witches are Wiccans)

Psychic Spells  Wicca Psychic Aspasia
(A Wicca psychic well versed in clairvoyant readings and candle magick)

chat  Wicca & Witch Chat
(One of the most popular Wicca and Witch chat sites)

learn wicca  Wicca & Witchcraft for Dummies
(Yes, it is really informative)

Live Psychic Readers 

Live psychic readers available, now!   Free 3 minute reading for first time callers!

psychics  Psychics, Mediums and Clairvoyants Available Now

Magick  Natural Magick Shop
(Top Quality Magick Supplies & Products)

scrying  Live Crystal Readings
(Get A Personal Crystal Reading By Psychic Crystal Gazer Narnia)

blog  Pagan's Square
(Pagans & Witches have their say at this blog)

Crystal Healing  Crystal Healing
(Discover The Power Of Crystal)

Magic Spells  Buy Magic Spells - UK
(Spells That Actually Work - Lots Of Great Information)

Crystals  Buy Crystals
(Healing Crystals, Protection Crystals, Crystal Balls & More)

Runestones  Buy Rune Stones
(Excellent Selection - Great Quality)

Would you like to speak with a psychic who has an appreciation for Wicca, magick and earth based spirituality? We have psychics standing by, 24/7 you can speak with now. Whether you are interested in a personal reading, spells or want to explore the special gifts of psychics, you will find these psychics ready to help. In our all psychics section you will also find profiles on all our psychics which you can review to find the perfect psychic for your questions. We even offer a free 3 minute trial tarot reading to show you how talented these psychics really are.

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