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"Take classes, courses, tutorials and get training in many forms of divination. Learn about the paranormal. Find out about acquiring (or uncovering)psychic and clairvoyant abilities. Take an astrology course or check out metaphysical and spiritual studies. In this section of the Vault we offer you a chance to learn about many mystical things: Angels, magick, tarot, religion, hypnosis, astral projection, reincarnation and more."

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New Age  Psychic Courses
(Learn To Be Psychic)

ANGELS  Learn About Angels
(Angel Courses, Classes, Readings & More)

Spiritual Consultations  Live Psychic Spiritual Consultations
(Get Your Spiritual Questions Answered By Psychic Rene)

psychics  Psychics University
(Learn How To Unleash Your Psychic Abilities)

Meditation  Mediation Made Easy
(Learn Scientific Break-through In Meditation)

Ghosts  Ghost Hunting
(Ghost Help & Ghost Hunting Manual)

Ghosts  Ghost Help And Chat
(Get Help & Your Questions Answered Live Online By Ghost Experts)

Astral Projection  Learn Astral Projection
(Learn About Astral Projection)

New Age  New Age Courses
(Top New Age Authors Bring You Top Online Courses)

Psychic Books  Books By/About Edgar Cayce
(Learn more about America's most famous psychic)

Reiki Course  Become A Reiki Master
(Complete Home Study Course & Certification For Becoming A Reiki Master)

Reiki Chat  Talk With Reiki Master
(Call And Talk With Psychic Reiki Master Elennoire)

psycic class  Psychic Power Secrets
(Develop Your Very Own Natural Psychic Powers)

alternative studies Alternative University
(Numerous Alternative courses and online classes)

Learn Tarot  The Complete Tarot Reader
( Everything You Need to Know from Start to Finish)

Love Spells  Download Love Spells
(Numerous Love Spells To Choose From - Learn More)

paranormal books  Books On The Parapsychology
(If the paranormal of the mind interests you, then these books on parapsychology are something you'll appreciate)

MAGICK COURSE  Practical Magick
(Easy To Follow Instructions For Practical Magick)

Learn Magick  Crone's Book Of Charms & Spells
(Magical Practices & Rituals As If Written A Century Ago)

Genius Guide  Instant Genius Guide
(Learn The Tips & Tricks To Using ALL Your Mental Abilities)

Witchcraft  The Witchcraft Sourcebook
(One Of The Top Books In The Field By A Noted Scholar)

WITCHCRAFT COURSE  Witchcraft: Rebirth Of The Old Religion
(Text Book For A Course On Witchcraft - Witchcraft DVDWicca)

Hypnosis  Instant Self-Help Hypnosis
(Learn About Hypnosis And Get Instant Self Help Downloads - Also Visit
Instant Hypnosis Downloads)

Spirituality  Emergence
(Learn A Spiritual Path To Get You To Where You Want To Be)

Wealth  Abundance
(Discover How To Manifest Abundance In Your Life)

Meditation  Learn Meditation
(Discover How To Meditate Quickly & Easily - Free Trail)

psychics  Psychic Secrets Revealed
(Learn How To Improve Your Psychic Abilities)

Alternative Spirituality  7 Golden Rules
(The Path To Inner Peace And Abundance)

Religion Chat  Ask About Religion
(Get your questions about religion answered from live experts.)

Ghost Questions  Questions About Ghost?
(Need Answers And Help With Ghosts, Spirits Or Poltergeists? Ask Psychic Medium Juliana)

Hypnosis  Hypnosis Help
(Let A Top Online Hypnotherapist Show You How It Is Done)

Learn Magick  Learn Magick
(The Encyclopedia of Natural Magic)

Paranormal  The Paranormal Store
(Discover How To Develop Any & All Paranormal Abilities)

Free Educational Articles on Psychics, Tarot, the Paranormal and Related Topics

Below are a selection of free educational articles on psychics, tarot, astrology, divination and all things mystical and metaphysical. Generally, we rotate in new article links monthly.

How to Get the Most From Affirmations
Psychics: An Inside Perspective
Fairies, Spirits and Mythology
Understanding Psychic Automatic Writing
Arthur Waite: Founder of Modern Tarot
Psychics and the Sixth Sense
Understanding the Law of Attraction
What is Clairaudience
Brief History of Psychic Arthur Ford
Feng Shui Your Home

Free Psychic Articles  All Free Psychic and Metaphysical Articles

psychics  Be Psychic
(Develop Your Psychic & Paranormal Abilities)

psychics  Tibetan Monk Workout
(Learn To Energize Mind, Body, Spirit - Also Visit 5 Rituals)

psychic shaman  Psychic Shaman
(Questions About Shaman Mysticism? Let Psychic Corinne For Answers)

Learn Tarot  Tarot Video Course
(How To Read Tarot Cards)

dream help  Dream Secrets
(Learn Dream Control, Dream Meanings, Astral Projection And More)

Angel Help  Sylvia Browne On Angels
(Audio CD On Angels, Spirits & Ghosts)

PSYCHIC  Psychic Navigator
(Discover And Refine Your Psychic Talents)

metaphysical  College of Metaphysical Studies
(A college for those serious about a degree in metaphysics)

Beginners  Psychic Development for Beginners
(Easy to understand course on psychic development)

divination  Divination For Beginners
(Get started learning and using divination)

witch chat  Ask A Witch
(Get Help & Your Questions Answered Live Online By Wicca & Witchcraft Specialist)

relationships  Relationship Guides
(Guides to Successful Relationships - As Seen on Oprah)

Relationship Repair Love Help For Women
(Popular course for helping women find love)

Candle Magick  Candle Magic
(Learn Beginners Candle Magick)

meditate  Meditation With Ombinaural
(Learn a new, quick, easy, way to meditate)

Advanced Magick  Advanced Candle Magic
(Improve Spellcasting Skills)

Witchery  Natural Witchery
(Where Nature & Witchcraft Come Together)

Crystal Healing  Crystal Healing
(Discover The Power Of Crystal)

Spiritual Success  Dr. Wayne Dyer's Materials
(The Latest From The Self-Help Guru)

Hypnosis  Hypnotherapy CDs/Mp3s & Downloads
(Huge Selection Of Self Hypnosis, Self Help Audio CDs & Mp3s -
Also Check Out: Develop ESP ... Astral Projection ... Past Life Hypnosis and Hypnotic Meditation)

Secret Knowledge  The Absolute Secret
(Want The Secret To Getting What You Want?)

Affirmations  Affirmation Power
(Use Your Computer To Reprogram Your Mind By Sending Powerful, Positive, Subliminal Affirmations.)

Meditation  Easy Meditation
(A Scientific Path To Deep Meditation)

Self Hypnosis  Hypnosis Network
(Top Hypnotherapist Have Created Powerful Self-Help CDs & Downloads To Lose Weight, Gain Confidence, Improve Your Love Life & More)

Alternative Spirituality  Human Potential
(How To Use NLP To Transform Your Life)

dream meanings  Ask Dream Questions
(Ask Questions And Get Answers From Psychic Dream Specialists)

Mind Power  Mind Zoom
(Revolutionary Software That Will Reprogram Your Mind & Body, Automatically)

Palm Reading  Palm Reading Chat
(Live Webcam Chat With Palm Reading Experts - Ask Questions, Get Readings)

Live Psychics Online Now  

Live psychics, tarot readers, astrologers and other divination specialists you can contact, now!

Free 3 minute reading first time reading!

live psychics online  Psychic Readers Available Now

dreams  Dream Interpretation Course
(Complete Course On The Meaning And Interpretation Of Dreams)

Palm Reading  Learn Palm Reading
(Great, Easy Course On Learning Palmistry)

psychics  The Psychic Course
(Nuts & Bolt Of Developing Psychic Abilities)

Christians  Christianity - Bibles & More
(Best online resource for Bibles and Christian studies)

Religious Spirituality  Spirituality & World Religions
(How People In Different Religions Pursue Spirituality)

Hypnosis  Hypnosis For Lovers
(Learn Hypnosis For Better Lovemaking)

Tarot Questions  Ask Tarot Questions
(Ask Questions And Get Answers About Tarot With Live Experts Online)

Mediums  Become A Medium
(Learn How To Contact Spirits)

paranormal classes  Psychic U
(Paranormal Classes AND Personal Development)

Spirituality Books  Books By Krishnamurti
(The original Deepak Chopra)

Hypnosis Diploma  Hypnosis Diploma
(Get Training And A Diploma In Hypnosis)

Spiritualism Books  Books About Spiritualism
(Spiritualism: An American Original Religion)

Spiritualism Books  Lovetoknow Paranormal
(Great resources to learn about all things paranormal)

Precognition  Books About Nostradamus
(Perhaps the most famous psychic of them all)

Passion  Passion Power
(Put Passion Back Into Your Relationship)

Learn Tarot  Tarot Kit for Beginners
(Instruction & Tarot Cards To Learn Tarot)

Learn Tarot  Learning the Tarot
(A Tarot Course for Beginners)

WICCA COURSE  Wicca For Beginners
(Best "Wicca 101" Course Around)

Occult  Ask Occult Questions
(Live Online Chat With Experts On The Occult)

Alternative Realities  Beyond Reality
(Learn The Truth Behind Ghosts, Astral Projection, Creating Wealth And More)

Numerology  Ask About Numerology
(Ask Questions, Get Readings With Live Numerologists Online - 24/7)

Would you like a personal psychic reading? Maybe get some insights into your love life or psychic career advice? Perhaps you want to get an 'edge' in life by knowing something about the future? We have psychics, tarot readers, astrologers and other divination specialist waiting to talk to you, now. Our readers are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. In our all psychics section you can even examine the profiles of any of our psychics. We even offer a free 3 minute psychic reading trial to show you how gifted these psychics are.

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